Folding Quad Base Cane

Adjustable Folding Cane with Quad Base

Lightweight and adjustable.  Folds nicely to fit into travel bags.

Foot Scrubber

AVIVO Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber

Easily clean your entire foot without having to bend or sit.

Back Scratcher Display

Back Scratcher

Bear Claw Telescoping Back Scratcher

Bath Bench - with back & padded arms

Bath Bench

The adjustable bath bench is available in 3 different styles to choose from.

Pink Cane Tube on Walker

Cane Tube®

Cane holder snaps on in seconds.   This useful device makes it easy for you to utilize your walker when needed.

Sock Remover

Compression Stocking or Sock Aid Doffer

Compression Stocking or Sock Remover Aid is an adaptive dressing tool

CT16Y - Yellow Flower 14 can bag

Cooler Tote Cooler Bags

Two colors and sizes to choose from.  Cooler bags hold between       8 - 14 cans.

CR16PB - Purple

Crescent Cooler Bags

Two colors to choose from. Cooler bags hold 10 cans.

CXBH - Blue Hour Glass

Cross Cooler Bags

Two colors to choose from.  Cooler bags hold 10 cans.

Twice Per Day

Daily and Weekly Pill Organizer

Daily and Weekly Pill Organizer and Medicine Reminder

Adjustable Cane

Derby Handle Adjustable Cane

Height adjustable cane available in 3 colors.

Diabetic Sock Combo Crew

Diabetic & Circulatory Comfort Socks

Ideal for symptoms of:  Diabetes, Circulatory Problems, Sensitive Feet, Swelling of Feet and Excessive Perspiration

Shoe Lace & Curl

Elastic Shoe Laces

Elastic shoe laces available in two colors and lengths

Elevated Toilet Seat

Elevated Toilet Seat

Toilet Riser adds 4.5 inches in height and is portable to make traveling easier

Eyeglass Repair Display

Eyeglass Repair Kit

Each Eyeglass Repair Kit fits neatly into a tube for easy storage.

Single Featherweight Reacher

Featherweight® Reacher

Helps make reaching items easier. Featherweight reacher is available in 26" and 32" lengths.

Folding Adjustable Cane

Folding Derby Handle Cane with Adjustable Height

Folding adjustable cane available in 3 colors.

Luggage Cart Folded

Folding Luggage Cart

Lightweight Aluminum Hand Truck with Wheels

Hand Help Magnifier Display

Hand Held Magnifiers

Three sizes available within each display unit.

19" Handi-Grip Reacher

Handi-Grip® Reacher

Extend your reach with the Handi-Grip Reacher.  Available in 19" short, 26" standard & 32" extended.  Four colors to choose from.  2-Pack options available.

Dual Bed Rail

Home Bed Rails

Home bed rails make getting in and out of bed easier.  Single and Dual rails available in 30"

Sheet Set Retail Package

Hospital Bed Sheet Set

Experience performance, comfort & elegance with our oversized sheets with 2 colors to choose from.

Hygie Products

Hygie® Covers

Urinal, bedpan & vomit kits and replacements packs to help contain body fluids.

Knee Walker Pad Cover

Knee Walker Pad Cover

Universal fit for most walkers

LED Magnifier

LED Magnifier

Magnifier comes in a retail box and is sold an an individual item.

Leg Lifter

Leg Lifter Device

A useful and convenient aid for lifting a weak or casted leg onto a bed or for repositioning

Round Bath Sponge

Long Reach Bath Sponges

Long Reach Bath Sponges available in round and contour shape and in both retail and plan pack.

Comfort Wipe

Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Easy Wipe for Personal Hygiene

Nail Clipper Display

Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers are sold as a jar display unit.

Natural Wood Hiking Sticks

Natural Wood Hiking and Walking Sticks

Wood Hiking and Walking Sticks available in various styles and lengths.

Back Brace - Black

Neoprene Back & Knee Supports

Braces and supports by NuSupport are made with the highest grade of neoprene and provide comfort & style to every day living.

Odor Eliminating Spray 4oz

Odor Eliminating Products

Odor Eliminator products from RMS are plant-based without harmful chemicals or nerve agents.

Odor Eliminator Display Unit

Odor Eliminator Display

The only OTC Drug Compliant Odor Eliminator available on the market

Pill Pod & Holder

Pill / ID Holder

Pill Pod / ID Holder available in multiple colors. Picture shown is an example of a small quantity display. See details below for available product.

Positioning & Support Foam Cushion

Positioning & Support Foam Cushion

Helps in the relief of back and joint pain.

Pupil Pen Light

Pupil Gauge Penlight

Personal Penlight fits great in your pocket or purse.

Quadruple Cane Tip Packaged

Quadruple Cane Tip

Helps increase your stability and safety.

Adult Bibs - 4 Colors

Reusable Adult Bib

Experience performance, comfort & elegance with our stylish bib.

Reusable underpad

Reusable Underpad

Underpad offers comfort & waterproof protection for bedding.

Dressing Stick

RMS 28” Long Dressing Stick

Helps make dressing and retrieving items easier for those with a limited range of motion.

RMS blood pressure cuff

RMS Blood Pressure Cuff

RMS offers additional and/or replacement cuffs for RMS Blood Pressure Units

102 Arm Blood Pressure Unit FDA

RMS Blood Pressure Unit Arm 102

This fully automatic arm style unit contains a multitude of features and weighs approximately 13.95 ounces.  Small, Medium, & Large cuff sizes available.

Blood Pressure Unit Wrist 202

RMS Blood Pressure Unit Wrist 202

This fully automatic wrist style unit has a multitude of features and weighs approx 4.24 ounces.

RMS Button Hook/Zipper

RMS Button Hook/Zipper Puller

Great for use with daily dressing needs.

RMS Deluxe 5 piece hip kit

RMS Deluxe Hip/Knee Replacement Kit (5-Piece Set)

Hip kit available in two sizes and in both retail and plain pack.

7 Piece Hip Kit

RMS Deluxe Hip/Knee Replacement Kit (7-Piece Set)

Kit contains two different reacher sizes (19" & 32")

Sock Aid

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles

Sock Aid available in multiple styles and in plain pack or retail

RMS Economy 4 - piece hip kit

RMS Economy Hip/Knee Replacement Kit (4-Piece Set)

Hip kit available in two sizes and in both retail and plain pack.

RMS Walker Bags

Bag comes with pockets and is available in three colors.

Purple Flower

RMS Walker Cooler Bags

Walker Multi-Function Bag - With Cooler Compartment

About RMS

We are a wholesale distributor of quality medical devices located in the USA. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from Mobility, Patient Care, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Care. Our mission is to provide quality service in order to build your trust and become your primary wholesale distributor of popular and hard-to-find medical supplies designed for both children and adults.


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